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Texas Car Insurance Guide

In the lone star state getting car insurance can be overwhelming. is here to assist you! We have compiled this guide that lists everything you need to know so that you can easily get the car insurance plan that fits your personal needs - at the lowest rate.

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Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in Texas

The state of Texas is no different than other states, there is a minimum requirement for car insurance policies. In Texas, the minimum requirements for car insurance are 30/60/25, here is the detailed list below:

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident.
Property Damage Liability Coverage $25,000 per accident.

It is important to know the minimum only covers the other parties injuries and damages, not yours. If you are at fault you will be paying out-of-pocket for your vehicle repairs and medical bills.


Is More Than The Minimum Requirements Needed In Texas?

You always want to have as much coverage as you can afford. This will help offer you the best protection. The minimum requirements will cover the opposing parties repairs and medical bills up to your policy limits, but not yours. This means you will be paying out-of-pocket for your medical bills, car repairs, and anything your limits didn’t cover for the opposing party. This can get really expensive. We recommend adding coverage to the minimum requirements to protect yourself at the very least. However, there are many options and combinations to meet the needs of anyone looking for insurance.


What Type of Car Insurance Policies are Available in Texas?

Here is a list of additional car insurance coverages available in Texas:

  • Liability Coverage- In the event of an accident if you are found at fault, liability coverage will cover the damage to the property and the medical bills associated with the accident up to your policy limits for the other party. Remember this does not cover your medical bills or property damage.

  • Collision Coverage- If you are in an accident, no matter whose fault it is, collision coverage pays to repair or replace your car after an accident.

  • Comprehensive Coverage- This policy does not cover a typical traffic accident. Comprehensive coverage pays if your car is stolen or damaged by fire, flood, vandalism or something other than a collision.

  • Medical Payments Coverage- In the event of an accident medical payment coverage will pay your and your passengers’ medical bills. If you are a passenger in another vehicle you will be covered as well. It also pays if you’re hurt while walking or biking.

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage- This coverage goes a step further than medical payment coverage. This policy will cover medical bills for you and your passengers, but it will also cover things like lost wages and other nonmedical costs. All auto policies in Texas include PIP coverage. If you don’t want it, you must tell the company in writing.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage- If you are in an accident and the other party is found to be at fault but they didn’t have insurance or didn’t have enough to pay your medical and car repair bills this policy will cover you. If you find yourself in a  hit-and-run accident you will also be covered. Insurance companies must offer you this coverage. If you don’t want it, you must tell the company in writing.

  • Towing and Labor Coverage- This is similar to roadside assistance. If your car cannot be driven this policy will cover the towing cost. It also pays for labor to change a flat tire or jump-start your battery.

  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage- If your car was stolen or is in the shop being repaired from an accident, this coverage will pay for your rental car. Some policies also pay for taxis or ride-hailing services.


Teen Drivers in the State of Texas

In the state of Texas, a teen can begin taking driver’s education at the age of 14. But before you let your teen behind the wheel, you will need to add them to your insurance policy. Adding a non-primary teen driver is typically the cheaper route. If the teen has their own vehicle they will be considered a primary driver, which is typically a more expensive policy. However, there are discount options for teen drivers typically available with most insurance carriers. There are many more steps to getting a license for a teen in Texas, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety for more details and requirements.


Multiple Drivers in Texas

In most households, there is more than one driver. It is important to disclose all drivers in your household to your insurance company to avoid any lack of coverage, additional charges, or the potential they will no longer provide insurance for you. If there is a driver you do not want on your insurance you can always exclude them. By doing this the insurance company will not cover them or your vehicle while they are driving it. Moreso you will be responsible for any monetary expenses out-of-pocket.


Penalties for No Car insurance in Texas

Car insurance coverage in Texas is no laughing matter. There are many fines in place and suspensions issued for not carrying car insurance coverage.

  • First offense- You can pay a $175-$350 fine, plus an additional $250 annual surcharge for 3 years totaling $750.

  • Second and Subsequent Offenses- You can pay a $350-$1,000 fine, plus an additional $250 annual surcharge for 3 years totaling $750. Your driver’s license and registration will be suspended until you can provide proof of current insurance and an SR-22 is filed. Your vehicle will be impounded and a $15 per day vehicle impound fee will be assessed.


Discounts for Drivers in Texas

There are car insurance discounts in every state and across all companies. Finding the discounts that are best for you might be the challenge. Ask the car insurance company for a list of the discounts they offer, this will help you decide which discounts are best for you and maybe you will find new discounts you didn’t know about. Here are a few common discounts:

  • Multiple Policy- Most insurance companies will offer a discount for having multiple policies such as car insurance, renters insurance, homeowners insurance, or motorcycle insurance.

  • Good Driver- Maintain a good driving record free of accidents, tickets, and any moving violations.

  • Good Student- If you are a student enrolled in high school or college curriculum and maintaining a B average most companies offer a discount.


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