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A Car Insurance Guide to Teen Drivers

It is no secret to anyone with a teenager, getting a driver’s license is a right of passage; it is their first ticket to freedom. However, insuring teen drivers can come with great anxiety for their guardians. Having a teen driver in the house is an adjustment for everyone. The added expense of a new car and maintenance, or sharing your vehicle, and the cost of car insurance alone, when adding a teen driver, can be stressful.  


I Have a Teen Driver, Now What?

As soon as your teen gets their learner’s permit it is important to add the teen driver to your insurance policy. The added cost can be defeating, to say the least. At BuyCarInsurance.com we are here to ease the burden of adding a teen to your car insurance policy. We have a few tips for adding a teen driver to your policy to keep the price low without sacrificing coverage. 


Adding a Teen Driver; Cost Factors

There are a few factors to consider when adding a teen driver to your policy. If you are looking for cost-saving options, taking these factors into consideration will help you make the right decision to meet your car insurance needs.


  • Primary Driver- If your teen has their own vehicle added to your policy this makes them a primary driver. Being a primary teen driver typically is less cost-efficient than if a teen driver is sharing a car with someone on the policy.


  • Vehicle Type- The type of vehicle anyone has can greatly affect the cost of an insurance policy, however, it is affected even more when it is a teen driver. Sports cars are typically the most expensive additions to a policy, regardless of age.


  • Gender- Unfortunately car insurance companies in most states, not all, use gender to establish rates. Statistically speaking teenage males are the most expensive person to add to a car insurance policy. While this is not something you can help or change it is a factor in shopping for insurance and is important to be informed.


Discounts for Teen Drivers

Having a teen driver in the household is both an exciting and nervous time. It is exciting watching them go through this milestone in life, but it can be nerve-racking to let them go. At BuyCarInsurance.com we make the car insurance buying process seamless and easy for you so you can get back to the things that take priority in your life.

We even help you find discounts for teen drivers. Here is a list of common teen driver’s discounts:


  • Drivers Education- If your teen driver has completed drivers ed a discount is typically given on your insurance policy.


  • Responsible Student- If your teen driver is a good student making a grade of B or higher there is typically a discount offered, this includes college-aged drivers.


  • Monitoring- Some insurance companies have devices that can monitor the driving activity of your teen. If the device reports good driving behavior this could warrant a discount on your car insurance policy.


  • Part Time Driver- If you have a teen driver that goes away to school, college or boarding school, and they do not take or have a vehicle to drive this could warrant a discount as well.


How Do I Get a Quote?

BuyCarInsurance.com is committed to getting you the best rates on car insurance, including teen drivers. We understand finding the most cost-effective policy is important without sacrificing coverage. We provide quotes from well-known insurance companies in your area, saving you time and money. Follow these three easy steps to get a quote. 

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