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A Discount Guide on Car Insurance

So You Want a Discount?

Let's be honest, we know you are always looking for the cheapest rate for car insurance. We understand spending the least amount of money on “adult things” and more money on the fun stuff is what living life is all about. That is why BuyCarInsurance.com is here to educate you on the many discounts offered for car insurance. This will help you decipher what discounts are out there and what you qualify for.


How Do Car Insurance Discounts Work?

Like most good things there is a cap on the discounts you can get with almost all car insurance companies. Even if you qualify for 10 discounts they probably won’t let you use all 10. Normally there is a percentage cap, but it is different for every company. Even though most car insurance companies offer similar discounts, not all offer the same discounts at the same rates. Some discounts only apply to certain policies, as well.  

Discounts are not only specific to companies, but also to the state. Not all discounts are available in all states. This is something to keep in mind when deciphering discounts available to you. It is also true, not all discounts are the same amount from state to state.

Keep in mind while shopping for insurance and comparing rates, discounts offered are important. Pay close attention to which company offers what discounts and how it affects your premiums.


What Discounts are Out There?

Of course, you do not know all the car insurance discounts out there. There is nothing wrong with asking your car insurance agent to provide a list of all available discounts within there company. This will help you narrow down the discounts you qualify for. Here we have provided a list of typical discounts:

  • Driver education/training

  • Good student

  • Students away at school

  • Good driver

  • Low mileage/usage

  • Vehicle safety features

  • Loyalty

  • Multi-policy

  • Pay premiums in full

  • Military

  • Going paperless

These are just a few popular discounts that are typically offered in most states and with most companies. Keep in mind, asking for specific companies full list of discounts might help you find discounts you otherwise would not have known about.


What Do These Discounts Mean?

Drivers Training

It is important when taking any driver training class to make sure it is an approved course with the state or your insurance carrier will recognize it as such. Most forms of driver training; drivers educations, defensive driving, and mature driver training will warrant a discount of some sort with most companies.

Good Student

Most insurance companies like to reward excellence and responsibility. So if you are a full-time student in high school or college and have a B average or higher discounts might be available depending on your car insurance carrier. This discount will take place until the student is 25.

Good Driver

This discount typically applies if you have a clean driving record from any moving violations for 3-5 years. This includes speeding tickets, no claims, no DUI’s, and no at-fault accidents. Depending on your car insurance carrier other stipulations may apply.

Low Mileage/Usage

This is a discount offered to drivers who typically drive less than 10,000 miles a year. Some car insurance companies even have a device to monitor your driving. In some cases, if you agree to use the device for monitoring it can warrant additional discounts.

Vehicle Safety Features

Most newer vehicles already come equipped with some type of anti-theft device, so this discount is a no brainer. However, insurance companies like to take it a step further. If your vehicle has an anti-theft system, a theft prevention system, or a vehicle recovery device more discount options are on the table. Discounts are also offered for safety features on your car as well. Vehicles equipped with anti-lock brakes, crash resistant doors, dual airbags, and electronic stability system can add additional discounts to your policy.


The loyalty discount is extended to customers who use the same company for multiple policies like homeowners insurance, car insurance, and boat insurance. This discount is also extended to customers who have multiple cars insured under the same policy as well. Checking the fine print on this discount is highly encouraged, there may be other stipulations listed depending on the car insurance company.

Pay Premiums in Full

If you decide to pay your yearly premium in full at the time of sign up or renewal this can warrant a significant discount depending on the car insurance company. Discounts are also offered for early renewals as well. Some companies will also offer a discount if you sign up for automatic payments.


Most companies offer a military discount and car insurance companies are no different. Typically the military discount is extended to family as well and can be as much as a 15% discount. There are other discounts offered for different industries such as education, medical, and engineering. Again these can be company specific so it is always best to shop around.

Going paperless

As we look forward to the future and we now have a better understanding of the footprint we leave on our planet it is so important to lessen our impact. It also helps that by going paperless car insurance companies can save money by not using as much paper. Check with your car insurance provider and see if you qualify to go paperless.


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