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Top Insurance Companies of 2015

If you are shopping for car insurance, you are likely to feel bombarded with your many options.  Information is plentiful, and facts as they are presented can be confusing.   Car insurance packages and products are not as clearly defined as you might think.  A low deductible can counterbalance with a higher premium.  Add-ons and coverage for specific situations can greatly affect the deal that you get.  What your final decision will ultimately depend on is how you feel about the company.  Trust, loyalty, and dependability matter in this business.  Read on to discover three of the top insurance companies and how they are similar and different from each other.


You’ve probably heard that you are in safe hands with AllState.  Note the prominence of the word safe.  The company has launched a major initiative that rewards drivers for their safe driving habits.  In fact, drivers that stay accident-free are said to save 45%.  Look for the safe driving check and the early signing bonus.


State Farm emphasizes great customer service. It’s important that you trust your insurance company.  There is nothing worse than being in an accident—whether a fender bender or a major collision—and not getting the coverage you thought you signed up for.


Who can forget that charming little lizard-like creature cracking jokes in a foreign accent?  Most reasonable people need more than a funny commercial to help them make up their minds on something as important and potentially costly as car insurance.   The emphasis for this popular company is on savings. Get no more and no less than what you bargained for.  In a recovering economy, Geico’s message resonates with many.

While All State, State Farm, and Geico are three very popular and trusted insurance companies, they are certainly not the only ones out there.  Look for key words in the advertisements that tell you what strengths upon which the company is trying to capitalize.  Don’t stop there; actions speak louder than words!  Complete an online insurance search form that allows you to compare many different companies based on your needs and your specific circumstances.  In a very short time, you will be able to match a company’s reputation to its numbers.  Good luck and happy shopping!