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Business Insurance for Commercial Vehicles

If you are planning to use a vehicle for commercial purpose then you should also be aware that you need to buy commercial car insurance in order to conduct your business legally.

In this post we will be discussing the basics of commercial car insurance.

iStock_000000895366XSmall_optThe most basic type of any commercial vehicle insurance is the insurance concerning the vehicle itself. You need to possess an auto insurance policy necessary for your car or fleet of vehicles before you think of buying any other type of business insurance.

The most basic policy for businesses is general liability insurance.

 This policy provides coverage if your company vehicles are damaged due to accidents beyond your control. Along with this policy, you also need to purchase a third party liability policy.

This policy is necessary in order to protect you if your vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in damage to property or loss of life.

Apart from these basic policies you also need to consider a policy for your cargo. Cargo Insurance Policies insure the cargo while it is being transported. This way you can keep your business running no matter what happens.

Along with this policy you should also consider a drivers policy if you are planning to hire other drivers to help you in your business. This policy provides protection to the person driving your vehicle.

One special type of commercial car insurance that you need to know about is the fleet insurance policy. This policy is mainly designed to provide coverage to multiple vehicles owned by a single owner or a company.

So if you are planning to use multiple cars in order to do your business then buying one policy for all of your vehicles is advised.